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About us

We started this farm with just a small flock of chickens we raised to fill our freezer. I wanted to feed my two daughters food that I knew was safe and healthy. Over time we have expanded to produce more and more of our own food. Our current goal is to not purchase meat from a grocery store in 2013.

Currently we operate on 16 acres of farmland that was once farmed by my great grandfather. Since his passing over 30 years ago, it has been rented to other local farmers and has been continually rotated between corn and soybeans. I now farm this land and have been working to return it to perennial pastures. Our pastures are the cornerstone of our farm.

Our philosophy is to raise our poultry and livestock in a healthy and humane manner, protect the environment, and to produce the best tasting and healthiest food possible. This is the food I feed my family and I want to avoid GMOs, antibiotics, herbicides, and pesticides.

We consider ourselves a "beyond organic" farm as our own standards are far above what the USDA certified organic program demands. We are not USDA certified organic as labels do not make our food better, our standards do. We model many of our practices after Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms. During July of 2011 we took a day-long tour of his farm and brought home quite a few ideas.

We try to mimic the "Label Rouge" model of poultry production in France. This has several key components. Breeds used are slower growing and not processed before a minimal amount of growing time. For example, broiler chickens are processed no sooner than 81 days vs. 45 days or less for the US confinement poultry farms. This produces a more flaverful product.

The feed used must contain no animal products or antibiotics. Our birds eat a higher quality, all vegetable feed. No dead cows, chickens, or manure in our feed! They also get all the fresh grass they can eat. This leads to a product that is lower in fat than supermarket birds.

Our poultry are provided ample room to move around and have access to clean, fresh pasture every day. If you've ever been near a confinement chicken or turkey house here in the US then you understand what crowded poultry smell like.

We raise mostly heritage breeds of poultry and livestock. These are the same types of animals our forefathers used on small farms before World War II and the switch to confinement livestock. Our animals enjoy roaming the pastures and woodlots foraging for their food. We have planted many native trees around the property that provide forage to our poultry, livestock and wildlife.

We operate as a regional hatchery. That means that we do not ship live birds or food. We can't guarantee the condition of shipped birds. We need regional hatcheries in the US to protect us from the eventual loss of air shipping for poultry and to sell birds suited to the local climate. The one thing we will ship is hatching eggs so search for Waccamaw Poultry on Ebay!

We are members of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (APPPA),the American Guinea Hog Association (AGHA), and the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC). I subscribe to some great magazines such as Acres USA and The Stockman Grass Farmer. I also regularly attend conferences and operate a booth at our county fair. I want to continue to learn and share with others.

Finally, our processing and sanitation is of upmost importance. We process our poultry under a NC law that gives us an exemption from inspection for processing 1,000 birds or less. Our livestock is processed offsite at inspected facilities.

You can read more about each of the heritage breeds, the farming techniques we use, and the products we have available via various links on our home page.

If you want to see what we are doing on a day-to-day basis then be sure to check out our blog.