Waccamaw Pork & Poultry

Poultry, Pork & Produce

Currently Available Products

These products are available either now or sometime within the current calendar year. We will be marketing some of our food through Down East Connect. Some products that are available right now will be linked to the product page at Down East Connect.

Pastured Pork (whole hog, chops, loin, butt, sausage)  Call to see whats available!

Future Products

These products are not available now but we have a plan in place and are actively working towards producing them in the future. Some of these we may produce now but not in enough quantities to offer to sell yet. 

True Free-Range Pastured Eggs (1 dozen, brown)
Pastured Duck Eggs (1 dozen)
Pastured Poultry (broiler chicken)
Pastured Poultry (stewing hen)
Pastured Poultry (whole duck)
Grass-Fed Lamb
Grass-Fed Beef
Aquaponic Tomatoes
Aquaponic Peppers